Kokopelli’s Café

Founded by a mother and daughter team, we are proud to present Elephant Butte’s first coffee house. We offer specialty grade coffees, Lotus plant based energy drinks, Rishi organic teas, and a range of savory and sweet treats. You may also enjoy our spacious outdoor patio and complimentary wifi.

A part of your new morning ritual

Conveniently located at 661 Warm Springs Blvd in Elephant Butte, NM. Turn by the flying saucer!

Specialty Grade Coffee

What is specialty grade coffee? According to the Specialty Coffee Association, it is a grade point of 80% or higher on a 100 point scale . This accounts for flavor, health and quality of the bean. The process to make a specialty roast coffee is more intensive, but has a much better taste. All our coffees are 85% - 90% specialty grade from around the world. We partner with Picacho, Chicky’s coffee and other great roasters from around NM. Stop in and see our coffee specials today!

Introducing: Lotus Energy

Love your daily energy drink but hate the detriments it has on your health? Lotus plant based energy drinks are a tasty, fun alternative to get your caffeine fix. With many combinations, we can find you something you’ll want to come back for again and again. For ingredients and the Lotus energy story, click below.

Rishi Tea is a mark above.

We are proud to offer this brand’s wide range of loose leaf, high quality teas from around the world. Rishi is a direct trade, organic company that is conscious of the impact they leave on the planet while still offering amazing taste.

We are excited to serve you.

Give us a call at 575-744-9197

Email us - kokopelliscafe@gmail.com

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